Monday, July 9, 2018

I am not a dual citizen. Are you? Why I renounced my Jewish "Right of Return" to a place I am not from.

 A lot of water has gone under the bridge since I had a "nervous breakdown" and regrettably destroyed two blogs I had put a lot of myself into,  and 

Something I wrote, and can't find on google any more, actually was read and talked about. I wrote a simple essay renouncing my "right" to "return" to ""Israel." Another blogger captured part of it and I've swiped it so all can see- in 2005 I publicly renounced what many people would call my "dual citizenship."

Jewish American politicians are "accused" of being "dual citizens" of the US and Israel. I think the basis of this accusation is the fact that the zionist regime declares itself the representative and state of all Jews everywhere and grants something they have no right to grant - a right for any Jew to go to that moral ethical shithole and be an instant citizen.

I would like to see Senator Bernie Sanders tell the world that he has no "right" to "return" to Israel, that he doesn't want this "right" and that he wants all Palestinians to have the right to return. Were he to do that I think he'd be a truly great man.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fat Old Jewish Guy

Thinking of New York and its tribulations right now, I recall a blogger who once wrote something so eminently sensible I've never forgotten it. His blog, which sadly seems to have disappeared, was called Fat Old Jewish Guy Who Lives in the Projects, and this is what he wrote back in 2005:

"People want to know what I, a Jewish guy, think about IsraelI want to make something clear. I live in New York. I do not have a right and do not want to 'return' to Israel. I never was there. I want to skip all the arguments about whether or not today's Jews descend from the people of the Occupied Territories. I don't care if I do or don't. It doesn't matter nor should itThe territory that is known to many as Palestine had been peopled by Arabic-speaking folks for centuries. Mainly they were Muslims, many were Christians, and a few of them Jewish too. Most of those people were kicked out of their lands and homes in 1948 by people like David Ben Gurion and Ariel Sharon and more were expelled in 1967. They are the ones who have a right to return, not me."

As I said, his blog's gone, but a little googling indicates his name is Eugene Weixel. So wherever you are, Fat Old Jewish Guy, I hope you're safe and well.

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